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When you contract with Beckner Auction Services we take care of ALL the details from advertising to portable potties!

I think you will find our advertising and marketing methods are second to none. We develop a custom brochure about your Auction and distribute them throughout the area. We create newspaper ads with a description of your Auction and place them in the newspapers that you choose. We place information and pictures on our web site and e-mail information to anyone that has signed up to receive e-mail notification about our Auctions and mail YOUR Auction flyer, that we create for you, to past auction attendees. Right now we have over 200 people signed up on our e-mail list and over 400 on our mailing list and its growing every day! Best of all we involve YOU in the advertising development process so you know what is going to be distributed before it is seen by anyone else. We will do as much for you as YOU want done.

Beckner Auction Services is truly a one stop Auction provider. We can sell your property on-site or arrange to have it moved to another location for the Auction. We can also arrange for food to be served during your Auction if you want, or if you have a Church, School or other local group that you wish to serve food that is fine with us!

We also have created PROFESSIONAL signage that we place at your Auction site as well as directional signs on the day of the Auction.

We don't just sign the Auction contract and then appear on Auction day and talk fast. As a matter of fact we don't talk too fast at all. If YOUR buyers can't understand what something is selling for then they WILL NOT bid! NO BIDS = less cash for YOU! Auctioneering is not about entertaining it IS about getting YOU the most money for YOUR property!

Once we sign the Auction contract we will work hand in hand with you to make your Auction a huge success and enjoyable for those in attendance. We will make every effort to make your Auction experience as easy and profitable for YOU as possible.

Give us a call today and we will be glad to set down with you and discuss the most effective way to conduct an Auction for you in the near future. We don't charge anything for consultations and there is no obligation to sign a contract if we don't meet YOUR expectations!

Thanks for looking at our web site and we hope to hear from you real soon.

Jim Beckner, Auctioneer


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